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Coat of Arms Fundraiser

Under the leadership of the Board of Directors, the President of the HOB,  and the Chief of the Name, James C.A. Burnett of Leys, the House of Burnett International, Inc. has finished raising funds for its own Coat of Arms to be issued by the Lord Lyon King of Arms in Scotland! 


Scottish family associations like the House of Burnett are now eligible to apply for a Coat of Arms and we have begun the process to have our own.  

Our Chief, James Burnett of Leys, is supportive and enthusiastic about our applying for and gaining a Coat of Arms (the technical term is that we would become “armigerous”). This Coat of Arms can and should be used by the organization to represent ourselves, our membership, and the family online, on merchandise, on official documents, and so forth.

There is an application fee of approximately $6,000 USD, and we have, with your help, finished raising those funds. In fact, we raised $6,370.00 by the end of year, 2023.  We are currently working through the application process to have our Coat of Arms designed.  An interesting fact is that the applicant does not design their own Coat of Arms, although they can make requests. It is designed by authorized designers who work with the Lord of Lyons and ensure that they meet the requirements of the law and do not infringe on another Coat of Arms.

Once they are designed, approved, and certified, you, as a member of the House of Burnett would be eligible to use the House Coat of Arms and proudly display it.   

Thank you! 

All donations made as part of this project support the House of Burnett International, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Donations are fully tax-deductible. 

Coat of Arms Flyer .png